Chelsea does spirituality

When the shit hits the fan where do we all turn? When the booze or the pot ware off - we turn to deeper truths like Spirituality, yoga, mindfulness...all the stuff that seemingly make Chelsea really uncomfortable. But after the collective sucker punch of The Donald,  I believe we as women are way more open to how to take our power back. How to heal ourselves. How to create a world of inclusion for all. Enter me, Chelsea's Spiritual Advisor. 


About me

The new age without the annoying as fuck. That is how I would describe myself and my love for all things metaphysical, Spiritual, or WOO. I'm into it. It makes my life a lot better, but you would never know just by looking at me. Check out this Youtube video for more insight. 


healing modalities

If it's a spiritual way to heal I have tried it. Tapping, EDMR, Watsu, cupping, massage, reiki, acupuncture, psychedelics, cuddle therapy, shamans, psychics, orgasmic meditation, and my own cannabis infused healing counseling sessions. 



I would love to work for Chelsea and bring my down to earth woo to the world as we all heal from the idiocracy that is in the highest position. We will need humor, showers with friends, something outside of ourselves (WOO), and Chelsea to help us get through.