Constellation is a group coaching program delivered daily through Instagram + a private portal. It is a community of women committed to living their dreams. But not hustle, hustle dreams. The deep down heart aches because it's so big & juicy dreams. A space to gather. Be accountable. Build on the collective energy of growth and expansion and fucking magic. That deep down magic that happens when /we/ women gather. We bring life to homes, communities, workplaces, bedrooms, cathedrals, schools, huts, concert halls, and on and on.


Opening your phone and using social media as a place to gather to reinvent yourself daily. A place to reconnect to your deepest desires. A place to dream. A place to share your challenges. A place to gather inspiration to fuel your next big desire. A place to be held in your highest vision. A temple made up of wild hearts.

They say your vibe attracts your tribe!

Constellation is for you if you are a mystic, spiritual hedonist (also known as wildly open), seeker, wild woman, GirlBoss, empowered Mama, determined introvert, CEO, writer, singer, or what ever juicy adjective really gets you going! This is a place to be held, be accountable, and stretch beyond your current reality!


Can a tribe of women change the planet by transforming their lives? I believe we can and I know you do too. 

Can sisterhood + community heal your wounds and propel you further on your path? It absolutely can.

Do you believe where one or more are gathered magic is amplified? It's a FACT. One part science + one part mysticism.

Are you ready to commit to living your deepest dreams?

Join me in a group coaching program of sisterhood, connection, growth and embodying your deepest dreams! 




Constellation is an affordable answer to coaching. (Pricing begins at $25 per month)

Constellation is delivered daily via private Instagram + private portal.

Constellation is for femmes.

Constellation is a custom group coaching program. (Take an interactive quiz after you sign up and begin the process of transformation in the area of your life you most need.)

Constellation thrives on group energy. (Where one or more are gathered energy increases)

Constellation enrollment begins July 15 + the program begins August 1.

Constellation gathers daily at the temple of Instagram.

Constellation is guided by Ayesha Ophelia of The Girlfriend Manifesto.

Constellation is akin to a monthly digital subscription box that shows up day by day in your Instagram feed.  

Constellation brings you 24/7 daily curated content to question, connect, agitate, and inspire through a private Instagram page + portal for women on the rise. It's like a self study experiment in how big can I live!? How much can I let go of? How much goodness can I allow in? How can I stretch by welcoming diverse people into my story?  How can I let a tribe of other likehearted individuals support me? The right questions always lead you further into your truth!


For the price of a yoga class and a coffee you can get access to our private Instagram temple and coaching program. For around 20 bucks a month you can explore a library of resources for the wild hearted dreamer type. Curated and created by Ayesha Ophelia of The Girlfriend Manifesto. No long term commitments. Just the most amazing community on the whole 'gram +interwebs working collectively towards what makes your heart go thump, thump, thump! 



Daily Inspiration ⚉ Monthly Meditations ⚉ Twice Monthly Live Zoom Room Coaching ⚉ Exclusive Discounts ⚉ Mentor Guest Take-Overs ⚉  Divination Tools ⚉ Monthly Oracle Energy Video ⚉ Journal Writing Challenges ⚉ Sisterhood + the power of shared resonance ⚉  A weekly manifesto of what's hot metaphysically ⚉ Monthly Guide Book to help you achieve your goals ⚉ Private FB Community ⚉ Accountability Partner Matchmaking ⚉ Click to download a PDF of membership benefits.


But it’s not only a tribe. It’s also life-changing, weekly content that gives you the strategies, insight, and inspiration you need to grow and thrive. 


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  1. What is the pace of the program? The program is a self study pace with daily prompts and activities to strengthen your habits and resolve around your goal.

  2. How can I access the content for the course? The course will be delivered daily on Instagram + a private member portal where you can access all content anytime you desire.

  3. How does the interactive quiz help me determine what my focus should be with Constellation? The quiz helps you quickly get to the heart of the matter and determine 1-3 things to focus on being, achieving, or creating while being supported.

  4. Can I earn free months or a discount? Yup! Get 2 friends to sign up with you and you all get 10% off for up to a year. Send a quick email here for the code.

  5. When will my credit card be charged? Your card will be charged the same day you sign up. If you need to cancel on the reoccurring it must be done 48 hours ahead of that date.

  6. I’m new to the TGM Community. How do I find out about the guide (Ayesha Ophelia)? Good q. You can read my bio here. Follow along on my main insta to get a feel of how I work. Check out my Youtube or just google my name, all my interviews, podcasts, and collabs will pop up.


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