Hello Beautiful, 

My dharma in life is to live a big amazing, full, adventure filled, loving, radical life. My joy and offering is to help you do the same! I work with individuals and small groups watering seeds of intention. My offerings have been described as fertilizer for your dream life. I use powerful simple tools to assist in create lasting change for people. You are probably big hearted, full of ideas, hopes, and dreams. Perhaps a bit of a rebel with a cause, and I love watching you bloom. 


Radical retreat series

"The go-go-go world makes it easy to forget the deep explorations that our feminine souls long for.  In lush connection and journeys into the sacred, we women develop our depth and breadth. Through these we design our lives from our hearts, centered and fulfilled women, no matter what is happening around us. + Jessica Hadari
There is magic to be experienced.
Life paths to be accelerated.
Hearts to be gently opened.
Sisters to add to the circle.
New places to journey.
Radical revelations to embody.
Strength and sorrow to be witnessed.
Women to rise more fully into themselves.
This is why the Radical Retreat series was created.
A boutique experience for 12 women once a year. Our first experience was a stunning success at the beautiful Samara on top of Lookout Mountain. Our next retreat is being planned for Spring 2016. I also facilitate all over the world. You can bring me to your event. Join the Radical Retreat newsletter to stay in the loop. 

Spirited design + creative consulting

I use my creativity for good design, branding, consulting, soulful websites as well as other needs of the graphic design nature. I too, have virtual assisting packages and let's say I've been called the social media maven a time or two. I would love to hear from you and send you some samples of my work. So let's be friends!