entanglement :: 21 day brain training challenge

entanglement :: 21 day brain training challenge


Your brain is one of the most faithful servants. What you focus on is drawn to you by the powerful forces of your brain waves in concert with the universe. It is also well documented research that 21 days of focusing is how long it takes to create new neural pathways which in turn create a new set of habits which in turn helps create a brand new life. I have spent the last few years reading and doing some brain training with the virtual guidance of one Dr. Joe Dispenza. My life has radically shifted and I want to share what I have learned with you. If you haven’t heard of him this is what the ‘21 day challenge’ will be based on. His amazing work around the power of the brain + intention. Check out this video!

E N T A N G L E M E N T : 2 1 D A Y C H A L L E N G E

Transform your life.

Focus your energy to create change.

Create accountability around your hearts deepest desires.

Investment: $66


Entanglement is a 21 day brain challenge designed to help you set the bar high for a year of powerful creation, manifestation, and growth. Designed around the principals of quantum science and brain wave entrainment as outlined by Dr. Joe *Dispenza. We will use one of his *books as a companion guide for the 21 days of accountability, inspiration, and change.

During the 21 day program you will receive:

  • *3 unique meditations for each phase of entanglement. (*One each week)

  • A PDF Guidebook for the entire process including daily writing prompts and challenges.

  • Daily text reminders/affirmations to help re-wire your thinking.

  • A private FB group for interactions + accountability partners.

  • Weekly Video Zoom Room Open Hours for live coaching + connecting with fellow entanglement participants.

  • A fun intake quiz to design your personal RX for the challenge.

  • A vow or pledge to sign. (Accountability is the key to your success with this challenge.)

This *program is designed to use key elements of Dr. Joe’s work to bring about incremental shifts in your life that will help create big change. One of his books will be required reading. You will receive which one to purchase when you sign up.

*The program is simple, straightforward, and can be done with as little as 15 minutes of directed and intentional time per day. However the more you put in the more you will harvest. I have seen magic happen when this work is done in groups and pairs. It can also absolutely be done as a solo practice of radical self care. My hope is that by making this challenge affordable (daily it *costs less than a cup of tea) and simple we will all see and sense a big change in what’s possible for 2019.

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