Private Guidance

Private Guidance

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Coach. Listening ear. Life strategist. Girlfriend. Space holder. My coaching style incorporates all of these facets and my life experiences to help you further align with your souls purpose, a goal or big dream, or a complete life makeover. 

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Coaching can take place via Skype, Google hangout, FaceTime, *in person (If you are from Chattanooga or want to fly me to you), or over the phone. Each session lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and comes with an RX for continued success after the session. My coaching provides help in these areas of life:

  • Life Visioning
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Self Love
  • Manifestation
  • Spirituality

After investing in 1 or 4 sessions I will follow up with you within 24 hours to share my calendar and get something on the books. I will also send a link to a quiz so I can learn more about you what you hope to gain from our time together. You will also receive a pre-session workbook, the audio recording of your session, a post-session resource list & an email follow-up 2 weeks later. Got more questions or want to make sure this is right for you? Drop me a line and we can have a quick tea time chat to see how we vibe together.


“I was drawn to Ayesha’s priestess power right away! She has a calm golden attracting confidence that spills abundance in her wake. She’s the true essence of a Lakshmi leader. You trust her and want to follow wherever she goes, it’s a true path of gold.”

— SARAH DURHAM WILSON, Author/Creator at The Mother Spirit

“In my head you are my BFF, life coach, sister, and guru.”


“Ayesha is an incredible “Qi” Leader, helping to direct the flow of healing, conscious creating a loving energy for so many of us!