Tap into your SHAKTI Meditation

Tap into your SHAKTI Meditation


Shakti is the feminine principle of divine energy. Shakti is your personal power, energy, and force to create in the world. When you are filled with Shakti you are clear, alive, empowered, creative, passionate, and able to move through the world with greater ease.

This meditation is a tool to tap further into your own personal Shakti and increase your creativity, abundance, passion, and intuition. This 10 minute guided mediation will take you on an intuitive journey to tap into your energy to create in the world. The background music is 741 hz which is the equivalent of a musical quartz crystal energy. It is protective, intuitive, and helps stimulate the throat chakra. For best results listen daily for 21 days.

Cover Art is By linewise by pooja bhapkar​​​​​​​

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