Womb Wisdom: Healing + Meditation

Womb Wisdom: Healing + Meditation


“Women whose heart & Yoni (vagina) have opened completely have the power to change the face of the Earth. And the first step towards this absolute embodiment is to cleanse the Womb & Yoni from the energetic residue of conditioning & emotions left in it by the outer world & her sexual experiences. A Yoni is regarded as the very source from which the universe emerges; it nurtures existence & dissolves matter & form back into the universal blackness.” — Peruquois

As the days grow shorter nature is giving us signals about what we as humanity can be doing to stay in alignment. There is a natural inclination for more hearty and grounded warm foods, as well as a more yin receptive inward energy. This makes it the perfect time to move into the dark void of the yoni and work on planting seeds as well as cleansing.

Last night on the Winter Solstice I designed an intuitive womb/yoni ritual I like call, "You have what you need." You have what you need not only to accomplish the ritual but in life and in healing. We always have what we need. If we use our intuition, clear our minds and environments of distraction and wait for the energy of the goddess living within in us to be aroused we can see clearly that we are endowed with magic.

What's Included With Your Purchase:

-5 page PDF guide for creating ritual + yoni steam instructions

- High Quality MP3 Womb Space Clearing Meditation

- Optional Free Oracle Card Pull from my herbal guidance deck.

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