A few words on boundaries & holding and creating safe space for exploration...

I wanted to create this forum of open expression for ideas that have no place else to live. In fact they are orphans and need as much love and attention as possible. They need brave souls who are willing to see what's happening so a new way of being can emerge. 

The only rule here is: BE NICE OR LEAVE!

We will all be sharing ideas, thoughts, links, and conversations about things that challenge the status quo. 

So expect to have your feathers ruffled.

If we don't feel compelled to investigate new ideas about our reality...we, in my opinion, have stagnated somewhere. The very nature of our celestial DNA is one of a coil that will continue to unravel indefinitely, if we get it stimulus and new thought and ideas to do so. 


All ideas are welcome... that means things that would be categorized as dark or sinister as well as mind expanding & magic...

Strong opinions loosely held! Your point of view is welcomed and encouraged here; so is your doubt and your questions. 

If you feathers ain't rufflin'; change ain't coming! A key part of this discussion is being willing to get uncomfortable. 

Be nice or leave! Let us respect the diversity of thought with gracious ways of navigating how we respond when we feel challenged. Remember you are not your beliefs, because we have all believed something and then changed or minds, and guess what....we survived!

Be a creator! This is a space where giving and receiving is needed. If you are here to be a silent bystander or to just critique this is not the place for you. Bring ideas, comments, conversations, and ask me how you can get a guest login to create your own content.  I have created a quick 3 question anonymous quiz to know better what strangeness you want to discover or play with in this space. Click here to be taken to the quiz. The more input we get the better tuned in we will be.

What else should be a part of our manifesto? Please use the forum below to let me know what your feel and I will add it.