I have begun the laborious yet highly entertaining job of creating a resource recommendation list for strange women + men. So with out further (or more) ado here is a list of resources.

Meet Regina Meredith : Informed Spiritual Badass 

Regina has all a pretty solid journalism background. As she became disillusioned with the jobs she was getting she decided to create Gaiam now Gaia TV so she could have a platform to report on the things that she wanted. She has a show called OPEN MINDS where I get much of my information and hunches confirmed. Check out her blog and her tv show page.

Sean Stone : Conspiracy Realist With

A Recognizable Last Name


Sean stone did not go the typical route of children with famous parents. His father Oliver Stone produced Natural Born Killers and The Untold History of the United States probably was a pivotal influence on his children. Instead he dedicated his life to exposing a different truth about the framework we all live within. His Instagram handle says he is a conspiracy realist, and I love that tile. Check out some of the videos he has done on his show called The Buzzsaw.

Alexis Brooks : Higher Journeys Host



Alexis Brooks is a #1 best-selling author, journalist, researcher and talk show host covering metaphysics, spirituality and new thought concepts. She loves talking about fringe beliefs and has a lot of guests on her show. Check out her Youtube and her content on Conscious Life News, which is also a great resource.

Stranger Dimensions Blog 

Stranger Dimensions is a blog covering fringe science, unexplained mysteries, and the paranormal. I just found this via an article I was reading. But I trust how the dots connect so their may be some good food for thought here.

Where do you go for your strange news? Comment or use the forum and I will add your suggestions to the recommendations. 










Please use the forum or comments to add your own and I will add them to this master list.