Click to purchase and support the artist. 

Click to purchase and support the artist. 

Welcome to a place to discuss the strange, weird, and otherworldly!

This pin was created by Whitney a badass graphic designer and self proclaimed person obsessed with, "fashion, cats, mythology, and odd things." Seeing this pin was the culmination of about three weeks of going down any and every rabbit hole, because why not? I had come to the distinct fork in the road where I realized nothings is as it seems, so why not explore the ridiculous, and seemingly untrue. What I found was anything but lies and I knew I had to create something, a safe place, to question and express. 

So here we are, strange women and men who are bravely willing to ask questions. If you feel so inclined the pin is a great way to support an artist and proclaim your strangeness to the world. (The image is clickable above)

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