the 4-pillars of TGM.

It all boils down to sisterhood, adventure, self-love + spirituality.


This movement was born nearly five years ago in an art studio. At the time I was going through a massive shift and felt like I really needed my sisters. So I did what any wild hearted woman does and created an intimate dinner gathering for old & new friends. We laughed. We shared vulnerable moments, and we all left with our cups overflowing. That's what happens when women gather. We heal & we plan to meet or future selves.

From that first dinner party sprung a whole movement centered around these pillars or guiding principals. 

  • Claim your Sisterhood! We are at a special time in 'herstory' where empowered women's voices are growing like a field of wildflowers. Each of us has a message. Each of us has a heart full of yearning. Each of us wants to stretch, grow, and reach for the next chapter of our stories. When women gather those seeds grow and we bloom  exponentially and perfectly on time. 
  • Adventure is essential for women to grow into more of who we really are. We must step outside of our routine and comfort often in order to meet more of our hidden selves and future potential. Adventure shakes the cobwebs off of our dreams. Adventure enlivens our cells. Adventure calls to us saying, "Yes you can live your hearts deepest desires."
  • Self-Love is the tonic for the woman on the rise. She must prioritize her own body, her healing, her desires, and her heart above all else. She must tend to her garden before she can ever share her gifts. Now more than ever we as women need to understand the ever changing terrain of self-love. 
  • Spirituality is a single word to describe the ineffable presence we are wrapped in. It's the powerful force that has been studied and examined for as long as humankind has been recorded. This mystery is what all of the work of TGM is based on. The same energy responsible for sunsets, the moon and stars, and your very heart beating at this very moment is what we believe can be harnessed and used for the good of all!

Our relentless mission is to give women powerful tools to transform themselves by using these 4 pillars of sisterhood, adventure, self-love, and spirituality. We have seen the power of women gathered. We adventure to meet our future selves. We know must cultivate our inner flame first. We choose the mystery over and over. 


Illustration by Libby Vanderploeg