Lists = Powerful

Write em down!

When you write a goal or dream down you are 8x more likely to see it happen. Not bad odds! Now imagine doing that with actual fun things you literally cannot wait to do. We at TGM think adventure is what life is all about. Experiences that push you to your edge, leave you breathless, and forever changed!  

Shanda's 25

  1. Milk a cow
  2. Train as a boxer
  3. Try being vegetarian for two weeks
  4. Spend a summer in Paris
  5. Leave a huge tip
  6. Change a car tire
  7. Learn a full hip hop routine
  8. Go snorkeling
  9. Host a dinner party
  10. Ride a horse


Ayesha's 25

  1. 24 hours free of complaining
  2. Make a kick ass vegan dutch apple pie
  3. Drive a race car
  4. Soak in a sensory deprivation egg
  5. Convertible road trip
  6. Write hand written notes 
  7. Yoni Steam
  8. Take an indian cooking class
  9. Learn + perform Burlesque 
  10. Boudair photo shoot