plant prouse

Plants have long been our ally. Giving us direct wisdom about their medicinal powers and how they desire to be used. They come in every size, shape, and variety just like humanity and they have magical powers that many are barely aware of.

Every year (for the past 5 years) I have gone up to Black Mountain near Asheville and been a part of a celebration of plants, power, and womanhood called The SE Wise Woman's Herbal Conference. Every year I leave haven fallen even more in love with the poetry of plants, the power of woman, and myself!

This year a dear friend went with me and I was explaining to her how hard it is to share in words what is such a rich experience but for you lovelies I will try. Stay tuned for a few posts on plants, what I learned, how I was touched and why everyone should have a plant ally. (Not to worry I will help you figure out which one wants to assist you)

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