law of emergence tip 01

It's truly an epidemic to talk hours on end about all the things that are going wrong in our lives. Perhaps a false belief that talking about the bad things will make us "feel" better. If it indeed made us feel better we probably wouldn't need to tell the story over and over and over again. The pact I made lately with myself is to NOT tell my BS stories more than 2-3 times. Once is ideal because I see worth in saying it and releasing it. 

The Law of Emergence or attraction says simply that our main vibration (aka what we speak, think, and feel the most) will materialize into experiences, people, and things which in turn create our lives.

So I think telling the story the way we want to experience it is the way to go. What if you you did this for 5 minutes? Or a whole entire day? A week? I GUARANTEE the longer you experiment with this principal the more miracles and magic you will see. Try it and tell us your stories.