Control - Throwback Thursday

I don't know how I ever missed the beginning of this video. Young Ms. Jackson showing off her acting skills. 

The reason for posting this video is just the reminder of my control...not to be controlling....but always knowing that I am in control of what I say, what I do and I am in control of my life. Sometimes it can get the sense that one wrong move, or word can change the course of your life. Which I will write more in detail later.  Back to Janet lol....

"This is a story about control...My control...Control of what I say....Control of what I do"

I remember back after college when I realized my control. That it's not about any one else's opinions or thoughts on what I should do. Were they paying my rent, my school loans or paying my phone bill? Um, no! I made a lot of decisions based off of other peoples opinions when I was younger. I'm grateful to have gone through that because I've felt a sense of freedom, power and yes...control, once I started living off my decisions based off of my own mind. 

Were you aware of your power and control at a young age? When did you start to truly take control over your life.  


Shanda FergusonComment