delicious soulful SELF LOVE

Every time I drive my car I get a reminder to love myself and so does every car at a stop sign who looks in their rear view mirror. It seems like a simple enough thing to do: LOVE YOURSELF!

As women we have learned to nurture everything around us. Our job, our lovers, spouses, friends, garden, or passions. 

But when do we turn that loving gaze upon ourselves? Mostly AFTER we burn out, our get a diagnosis, or when things fall apart. 

Everyday there is a still small voice inside that is calling to be heard, loved, and honored. 

We are truly embodying our divine feminine when we spend time loving ourselves. Putting our own oxygen mask on first.

I have made my self love practice as delicious as falling in love with SOMEONE else for the first time. Here are few fun tips right from my own life. 

1. Set time aside daily to say really nice things to *yourself. Oh I know it's cheesy and it probably will make you border line crazy to look into YOUR own eyes and say some of the very same things you say to another. Now to me that is the real crazy ish...we can tell another you are beautiful, you are worthy but it makes us feel stupid to say it to ourselves. *Mornings and evenings are optimal when you are getting ready to start and end your day.

2. Make it a ritual. Got dreary things to do like pay bills? Put on your hottest red panties and imagine you are Oprah signing her checks. Or channel someone else you look up to. It works two get a little piece of that energy. PS- Oprah energy is available to us all. Finally you feel good doing something you may have beat yourself up for normally.

3. Seek our people or communities that foster this self love message. I have found it's a rare thing so you must be mindful about finding it. Even the messages we get from doing a barre class may clash with your inner goddess. Self worth begins with spirit not what your ass looks like. The more spirit we embrace the better our asses look anyway. Two-fer-one!

I hope these help and I would love to hear what you do to really LOVE yourself. 


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