darkness, shadows and other things that go BOOM in the night!

When's the last time you celebrated a failure, a hurt, or perceived personality flaw?

Probably never! We spend most of our lives pretending that we are all impervious to pain. That everything is all right and our darkness is not to be acknowledged, felt, or talked about. On some level we all took a vow of silence. So we suffer. Not because of the shadow or darkness but because we have not honored it! 

Sunsets and sunrises are undoubtedly beautiful times of the day. The magic hour as light lovers say. The time of day when darkness and light, mingle and make-out! We are no different and the most beautiful people I know have learned to integrate these two parts of themselves. The dark shadows with the eternally positive truth of who we are on a soul level!

So tell someone AND yourself how you really feel. Where you feel tender & raw. What you long for.  

Ayesha Comment