sex as a path to the divine!

Every year at the women's herbal conference I attend a variety of topics are discussed and this year the talk that blew me away was entitled Sex As A Path To The Divine.  The talk was given by a vibrant 67 year old named Whapio. Intrigued? You should be just because we are talking about sex. But sex as a path to the DIVINE is a whole 'nother level! She talked about how to how 2.5 hour sustained orgasms and why one would want to do this besides the obvious pleasurable reasons. She talked about DMT...the kind we naturally produce. She talked about the innate powers we can access when we are riding that wave of pleasure. It was AMAZING! I want to share the entire 1.5 talk with YOU just for signing up for our newsletter below. So use the form below and after your mind and heart are blown...let's talk about it in the comment sections.

Ayesha Comment