how to NOT be an au·tom·a·ton

  1. drive the "wrong" way home (the path least traveled)
  2. turn off all electronics and just sit outside
  3. describe something in great detail to yourself or another. how does it taste, look, feel. use all your senses. my favorite things to describe are sex and food.
  4. try a new "exotic" food from the grocery store (exotic=something you don't eat)
  5. look up when walking (the world is a beautiful friendly place)
  6. make eye contact (it can be scary but it feeeels so nice)
  7. talk in elevators (a simple hello would suffice)
  8. start appreciating something you complain about
  9. say i love you to yourself
  10. let an old belief go

to be continued....

why bother?

deviating from your normal plan, path, response creates new neural pathways which help you TAKE back your life and your dreams! boom!

Ayesha Comment