Part of my heart <3

"Until one has loved an animal, part of one's soul remains unawakened" - Anatole France

Coco and I

Coco and I

I've never known a love like this. It is definitely a closeness that one can only understand if they've had a pet, that was part of their family. 

Coco has been my "road dog" for the past nine years and continues to lend a paw when I'm down. It's so cute when dogs sit next to you and place their paw on your leg. As if they are saying, "I'm here" or "hey honey" :) . I've learned a lot since first adopting her, boy the puppy phase is no joke. I wanted to call Caesar The Dog Whisperer so many times and tuned into his show religiously. I have also grown in several ways which has taught me patience and has paved the way for my love to grow even deeper for her. 

I am so blessed and thankful for Coco's love.

“Dogs Are The Closest We Come To Knowing The Divine Love Of God On This Side Of Eternity. They Love You All The Time, No Matter What.” – Anne Lamott


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