proc·la·ma·tion ˌpräkləˈmāSH(ə) noun/

Today is my birthday! My whole life I have made a really big deal out of celebrating my life. I made my bornday into a ritual of sorts. If I wanted to try something or do something (that I was drawn to or afraid of) I invited my friends along and we did the aerial silks or a photo shoot or a giant dance party or a private yoga class. This year is especially BIG because I have some things to proclaim into the universe AND did you know every 7 years your body and organs are BRAND NEW? That feels fitting in so many ways because I have shed so much of my old existence and will be stepping into the world with a brand new body, mind, and deeper into the uncharted regions of my beating heart. Hmmm, what could be better?!


proc·la·ma·tion ˌpräkləˈmāSH(ə) noun/: a public or official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance.

  1. I'm walking fully into me and my life as a WILD WOMAN! That means no longer silencing parts of myself or playing small. We all have closets we lived in where we put parts of ourselves. Imagine those fragmented parts connected with the larger whole? No seriously think about it for a second. It has translated for me into unbounded happiness not dependent on any outside circumstances, the ability to be a more loving being, to snap out of funky moods with the quickness, to allow what comes, and to tap into the SOURCE of all things with more ease. I have reconnected with the ancient wild nature that lives within us all and gently whispers, "LIVE BIGGER. Walk to the edge. Jump! Don't worry darling you have wings!" 
  2. No more counting years but the quality of that time spent on this big beautiful planet. Last year I made the correction in my own language from 34 years old to 34 years lived. This year it feels better to banish the notions of what each age should bring ie., you should be married by this time or have popped out two kids by this age or it's all down hill after 40. Beliefs are so strong that our lives bend in accordance with those beliefs. So like Louise Hay says at 88 years, "I am a big strong healthy woman and life loves me." That she is and that AM I.
  3. You get to tell the story of your life the way you want. Banish those old tapes, beliefs, and things that were NEVER yours in the first place. You probably learned them from well meaning people in your life. But the beautiful thing is NOW you get to be the actor and the director of your feature length film. So how do you want to fall in love, grieve, work, break up, have sex? It's all up to you.
  4. Being YOU is the most fun you can with the lights on and OFF!
  5. I have never felt more fearless or ready to walk into the mysteries of life. I love the thought of all the surprises that are in store!

So here's to life! 

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