my trina turk experience

Last year right about this time I was chosen for Pop Sugar's One of a Kind. By all means that in and of itself is a magical, fun, life altering experience but it went so many layers deeper for me. First of all in the midst of getting ready to fly out to California and doing some scheming for a way to make something for Trina as well. I did some Googling to get more inspiration for the woman who has everything and came across the images below and instantly was struck with a feeling of deja vu. 

I raced into my bedroom in the closet where I keep a few inspiration notebooks. I tore through a few and found out why I had that feeling. A few years prior this spread had been in a Martha Stewart magazine. I tore out the spread because I loved the bright colors, the party, and the gorgeous green backdrop outside. It just felt upbeat, lively, and fun! Not knowing really anything about Trina but just going from a gut feeling of needing some of that energy in my life. So fast forward 2-3 years later and now I am being flown out to California to meet her and have her design custom clothing pieces for me! The whole experience was surreal and still makes me want to pinch myself. It was more than just being pampered, the high end CUSTOM designer clothing, the amazing trip, the car we got to drive down the PCH blasting our tunes and being filmed. It was the universes way of telling me YOU ARE ABLE to speak your truth in an articulate and beautiful way. I fancied myself a bit of a shy introvert for most of my life. I still like to be a quiet observer at times but I have learned to lead and speak up and a lot of that extra boost came from the confidence I got from this amazing trip. So a year later it still feels amazing to know how things work in mysteries but amazing ways and how this grand loving force is ever on your side giving you wild adventures (if you ask) that are often disguised as something else...something moving you forward on your path. So once again to Pop Sugar, Gio and his crew, and Trina Turk this trip may have been 365 days ago but it's still fresh in my heart.

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