c r o w n e d // a celebration of life + the divine feminine

This year for my birthday celebration with my sisterhood I was drawn to the art of making the floral crown. I wanted to celebrate life, the divine feminine, and I wanted every woman I knew to rock a floral crown and feeeel like the goddess SHE IS! So the plans were set in motion. A potluck brunch floral crown gathering at Samara on Lookout Mountain. (Big shout out to Seija, my friend and the visionary behind Samara for being such a gracious amazing host) The morning of crowned I was up with the sunrise and the drive to Samara was breathtaking. Samara is set a top Lookout Mountain where the hang gliders make their running leap off into lookout valley and fly like birds. So the view is stunning!

Setting the table with fresh fruit I felt my Mom's presence STRONG because the majority of the table settings were from her entertaining "collection".  As each goddess arrived I felt so much love and excitement for how the day would unfold. Everyone brought yummy food to share. So we ate, drank, and definitely embodied the merriment vibe. We went straight into created crowns from a plethora of beautiful fall flowers. To see how each lovely women's crown came together brought a smile to my face. It was fascinating to see each personality/archetype express in how they built their crowns. I'm pretty sure you walk a little straighter, with more fearlessness, and more YOU-NESS when you are rockin' a floral crown! We snapped pics in the photo booth, had a run in with a scorpion (I am after all a *triple Scorpio. *My sun, moon and rising signs are all Scorpio), laughed, danced, blew out candles on individual mini cakes I baked (and on the new Moon...get ready for those giant wishes to come true), and the day ended with a warm dip in the pool with my ladies. Truly the perfect day!

As I left Samara the sun was setting and again I got to enjoy the beautiful view. I floated home wearing my crown feeling my own personal power and strength as a brand new wild woman surrounding by love. Deep bow to everyone who came out and brought food, gifts, and shared in making in this radical, fun, and expansive day possible.

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