"As long as there is room in your heart for one enemy, your heart is not a safe place for a friend." + Sufi Quote

Lately spirit has been whispering to me about tying up loose ends. My house has undergone a DEEP DEEP cleaning. I purged things I have held tightly to for most of my life. I have been letting go of so many things and the energy that has been moving has been intense and joyous. 

I have also gotten the gentle whispers and reminders by echoing serendipitous happenings.




When I scanned my life I did find a few situations or people that felt "constrictive" vs "expansive" and I knew immediately what I needed to bring to the situations...forgiveness. I also made the effort to create a dialogue with a few so my inner alignment with my heart could be achieved once again. 

Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. We can even engage in "energetically" giving our forgiveness to people who may have hurt us or who we want to make amends towards. Forgiveness is not optional. When we hold someone outside the loving energy of forgiveness we actually harm ourselves because our true nature is LOVE and love is in a constant state of flow. 

Is there anything incomplete in your life that you could bring forgiveness to? It could be yourself, a friend, a situation, a promise you made but never kept. Don't spend another day holding onto something that energetically drains your magical powers. Let us all be expansive and extend our hands in forgiveness.

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