reminder: tomorrow does not exist


It's a spiritual principal/truth often talked about. The quote BEHERENOW was my first introduction in my early twenties and just recently has that truth started to become something I embodied.

I was talking to my dear friend Victoria (she's a rocking health coach and nurse extraordinaire by the way) and we were having a conversation about the small and NOT so small ways we delay our on happiness in favor of some future point. She simply stated, "Tomorrow does not even exist." 

She is so very RIGHT ON. It's like holding your breathe a little and not taking the big deep inhale that is available to all of us with every passing second. This is your life right now. 

For me the embodiment looks like finally using that China I was given as a wedding present over 4 years ago, or wearing lingerie I was gifted at that time too. What was I waiting for? Some magical ideal about when I could use something so nice or waiting for the perfect body before I wore that red bustier (which I wore for most of my birthday this year for the record.) 

So much joy is available for all of us in the NOW. The alchemical part of this whole truth is that when you start enjoying more of life at every second over time your life becomes the big adventure that we are all craving. I have decided to make living for the moment a positive movement about empowering our joy and passion in this very moment.

So remember TOMORROW IS SOME MADE UP THING...go have the time of your life RIGHT NOW. What are you waiting for?

Ayesha Comment