the sacred masculine

This Article from Ara at The Goddess Circle about The Sacred Masculine is so right on. Savor every word as I did.

Through my life I buried many thoughts about my perceptions of what my spirit would call the definition of a “perfect match” of the masculine to my feminine, which is different for everyone of course; the one that inspired with passionate, led with kindness, was fiercely driven, compassionate and had a purpose that ran deep, ancient thread of knowing spirit deep. But it wouldn’t stop nagging me no matter how many people told me this type of man did not exist, it was as if I could feel this truth even though it was denied by so many. And yet it does. He is the Sacred Masculine.
The one that was the lover, the king, the warrior, the healer, the magician, the artist; that was romantic and sexual, independent and co-creative, intelligent and humorous, and above all open. Open in feeling, in body, in purpose, in truth. Open. Conscious. Vulnerability and surrender can only occur as deep as the mirror allows in a relationship and if the mirror is shallow, then it reflects in the depth of penetration that can occur between divine feminine and sacred masculine. The depth of reach in touching the divine feminine is a reflection of how deep the masculine is willing to he himself feel and experience emotion.
Wanting to touch so deeply inside the divine feminine but knowing that the deeper the touch the deeper the feel, but longing for it and doing it anyways no shy of this deep well of emotion. Its not that there is no fear in the sacred masculine, bit it isnt of the deeper parts of life, of connection of love. Hearing the wild call of his soul, he is master to none.
The Sacred Masculine is not a look, an age, a body or a type. It is the ability to be present of body and heart, to be open in spirit and feeling, free in soul and mind. It is kindness merging with strength, passion blending with purpose, sexuality joining with expression, emotion meeting truth and imagination combining with intelligence. He does not hide from what his heart speaks; he listens with open ear embracing his intuition, knowing that as warrior his instincts are sharp. He does not run from conflict, knowing that resolution is the traits of Kings. He will not wall off his heart from the Divine Feminine, feeling that within the flow of her love is eternity.
The Divine Masculine does not play games for he holds all others as equal to himself. He is open and honest in speaking his truth for he knows to hide his voice is to veil his purpose. He has no shame for the love in his heart for he knows to feel is sacred. He owns his mistakes and his past, but is not a prisoner to it’s chains.
The Sacred Masculine is a force of nature and as a part of nature, has a reverance for the natural world and all the creatures in it. His power is purposeful but not harmful, and wields a double edged sword of strength and compasison in equal measure. His love is a sacred space for himself to grow alone and with a companionin a place of trust, respect and soul connection . He would never lessen another to make himself more. He is a man that acknowledges his desires, his dreams and his deep emotions. He needs no lineage to be crowned King.
+ Ara

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