adventure list no. 14 // circus skills

The circus has always fascinated me. Not the mean circus where they mistreat animals...more of the cirque du soleil brand where the fetes are performed by humans. Stilt walkers, contortionists, trapeze, oddities, and things of that general nature.

A few years back I took an afternoon trapeze class with a friend and was amazed at how free and scared shitless I felt, even with a net underneath me. This combo of fear and amazement is where it's at for me. 

This weekend I made a pair of stilts with the help of master carpenter from Woodwise Urban Deisgns. It took all of 30 minutes and I remembered something essential when I first got up.


You have to lean in when stilt walking. Which means you have to lean forward almost as if you were falling and start to walk. AND IT HIT ME...all good things require you to LEAN IN.

When you lean into life and your edge...magic happens. 

We must lean into...



A kiss.



All the good juicy things require leaning IN!

In other words you cannot resist or stay exactly where you are. The only thing that is required is that tiny movement of faith.

So I did. I leaned in and it felt so good. The last time I was on stilts was this summer with Caravan of Change and it woke something inside. My inner stilt walker who isn't afraid to lean into life.

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