wild woman mystery school

"I've never fallen in love so fast or furious, and with such worthy magical souls!"

As hard as I want to be able to retrace the exact steps of how I ended up at Wild Woman Mystery School in Joshua Tree California on October 31st with 17 other magical souls from all across the globe I simply cannot. Here are the details I do remember... sometime in May the event page popped up on my FB feed and I said YES this sounds like something I want to do and clicked GOING on the event invite and then totally forgot about it. Sometime in September Shakti e-mailed and through a series of fortune (aka destined) *events (*the last check I had from Homespun was nearly the exact amount for the gathering, and on and on and on) I signed up and bought my ticket to fly!

I truly came into this with no expectations. I didn't POUR over the materials like I would have in the past. I just had this knowing and I went with it. So I arrived with no idea what I was in for. ((I have since fully realized there are so few surprises in life, why not embrace the unknown and trust that the Goddess is holding you always. That's what I'm currently embodying and it feels fucking amazing)) Big time tangent. Back to WWMS.

Yes 6 days, 5 nights of councils, magical herb talks, sisterhood, ritual gatherings, fire, yummy healthy food, the magicK of Joshua Tree, a sweat lodge ceremony, the waking the wild woman WOMANUAL, a mid century home built by Frank Lloyd Wright, all the conversations I long to have at home and mostly have with myself I had with 17 other beautiful women, rituals for our ancestors, practical advice for running your own circles, a windstorm that looked like the trees were dancing while reaching for their lovers, STARS that blew my mind, goddess yoga, guided mediations, impromptu dance party, a close encounter with a hummingbird, sunrises, the cleansing salt of tears, pool time, and living more fully into my truth and my wild heart, and I was filled with SO much emotion that I pushed it and missed my first flight (You don't DO that if you aren't fully in love with where you are leaving. Side note: I felt wildly empowered after missing my flight)! All in all it blew my heart open and so much love flooded in that my walk, my talk, my being is different. I let more of the Goddess in and there is NO MOTHER FUCKING TURNING BACK NOW!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my big 7 lessons from wild woman mystery school.

image from Wild Woman Mystery School website

Sarah and Shakti are at it again. Stirring their magicKal pot! I will be joining them on November 17th for an online version of what I experienced at *JT (*Joshua Tree). If you hear the call JOIN the circle by clicking here. Any TGM'ers on the fence? Please reach out I would love to share more of my heart with you.


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