the impossible standard for BEAUTY

We have all been brainwashed in so many ways and one of the biggest ones is the standard of beauty and the lengths that we have gone to attain something that is truly only smoke and mirrors.

I think of myself as a young women flipping through beauty magazine and what I "digested" as beautiful. That impossible standard at a very formative time when I was coming into my own personal power as a young woman. Every image basically taught me how to compare my body, my breasts, my hair to something in a glossy magazine meant to make us feel like shit so we will buy a product that promises to "fix us". Only nothing is wrong. (If we could only see the luminous beauty of our human shells)



When I zoom even further out on this issue and I look at how divine our bodies are no matter what the package looks like. I believe we choose everything about our physical bodies for the maximum potential to learn the lesson we came to learn. That means everything and when we get hung up and obsessed with mostly how we look on the outside we miss all the gold and treasures that are only waiting on the inside. Remember this little gem, "The outside always reflects what's going on inside." Which goes against every fitness or health tip that is commonly put out into the media. 

I know where my beauty radiates from and it's from my eternal soul not my ass. Although it's a cute ass. We all want to feel beautiful and for me what has made me feel the most beautiful is doing my "soulwork" which lead me to be more mindful about what I eat, put on my body, the relationships I enter, and the images I choose to consume that the media puts out. The more I do this the more I see the inherent beauty of my body flaws and all. Every scar, stretch mark, dimple has been earned and I love them. I may have to remind myself of this just like everyone else but I refuse to be held to a standard that is not only unattainable but totally false.

So here's to all my beautiful men and women who are reclaiming and examining closely what they find beautiful and creating space for all of us!

Here's to the truth that Beyonce made cool...WE ARE FLAWLESS! 



Ayesha Comment