Y E S !

Maybe is death. It's the curse of complacency and it's for cowards!

Sounds a bit dramatic but this is where I live NOW. If it's a not a full on YES I'm not even going to get outta' bed. (( Good thing I LOVE LIFE and it feels like a YES, yes, ya'll! ))

Ladies if you are all hot and heavy for a fella and you kinda feel a spark but he's not just showing up...you are probably a maybe. (Not that you will always be but for right now you are) AND you are blocking that big fat YES WITH A FREAKIN' maybe! ???!!!!

If your job feels blah and you are wondering why you are uninspired it's because it's a big fat NO! 

When you whole body moves forward towards anything it's a YES. When your body moves backwards away from anything you know what that means...NO!

The time to play the middle has long left us. There are too many things that need our passionate attention. The planet, our bodies, our partners, our jobs, our passions, ourselves. 

Maybe is a pile of lukewarm stagnant energy and it blocks us from the big YES experiences in life. 

So let's all be done with the maybes! Say goodbye and move on!

Ayesha Comment