2014 Wrap Up


The threshold of a new year has always excited me more than the actual holiday season. I love the flow of life and each new year hold so much MAGIC, expansion, and potential to me. 

Naturally I begin to do a year end review in my heart, on paper, or chatting with friends. We all start to reflect upon what has been experienced, learned, and given to us in 2014. 

First, every year has a soundtrack. Music drives me. Feeds me! Causes spontaneous dance parties. It's how I can full body remember something. So naturally this year did have a soundtrack and they all live on Spotify. Follow along if you dare. 

Next, I bring the sweet salve of forgiveness to anything that is still bothering me or hurts. I look at where I could have been more loving and I picture each scene unfolding perfectly! Usual year end reviews can bring up a lot of, "OH, I wish I had done this thing or that or I wish I hadn't been this way." Basically it can bring a lot of shame and self judgment back to be RE-LIVED yet another time! Instead I bring love and forgiveness to the natural part of the year end review that can be painful.

Now comes my favorite part. I get a piece of paper and divide it into two halves. I then write everything that comes to mind that was a peak experience, or that I am deeply grateful for on the left hand side of the paper. I write until I feel complete. On the blank right hand side I start to write what would be fun to have, do, or experience in 2015.

I recently found the notebook paper from the last two years and I was yet again blown away by the creative loving force that supports all life on the planet. Everything on the paper had come into my physical experience! Oh and other amazing things that I didn't even ask for but greatly blessed my life! 

So, how do you wrap up your year? Please enjoy this (just because we love you) for the writing part of my wrap up exercise.

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