The Moon Gazers Circle // Chattanooga

How do I know I should do something? It scares me and I feel a resounding YES in my heart.

That's exactly the sensation I got when thinking of starting a Moon Circle in Chattanooga. I love the quote start before you are ready! There is so much power in movement of energy even if it's clumsy and clunky at first. We live in a perfection obsessed culture that paralyzes many of our dreams. Think of the most skillful or successful person you know and they ALL started before they were ready. Yup, Barak, Oprah, Beyonce, Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay. But they grew into the powerhouses they are today.

So I headed the call to start. January 5, 2015 under the full moon we will gather and honor the sacred cycles of the moon and learn how they affect our lives and how to use that magic!

If you are in the Chattanooga area and want to be a part of the fun click on the image below to join our Facebook group. The Moon Gazers will meet twice a month on the powerful Full Moon and the magical manifestation energy of the New Moon.

Click the image to join the Facebook Group

Click the image to join the Facebook Group

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