heart storming out west


On 11/12/13 I boarded a plane and headed out west with no other plans than to heart storm with friends. My trip was a Pinterest win from last year. I knew the hotel would be nice but it was penthouse, softest robes, people asking to turn down your bedding, total black out shades, tv in the tub nice. 

After the emotionally hard year I had nothing sounded better than to lay around in my robe and dream 2015 into existence using one of my wisest guides...my heart. And so it was. The weather was rainy so it made for the perfect excuse to stay in. 

My new OLD friend Sarah met me for a slumber party and so did another sweet friend from my JT //Joshua Tree // Alex.

When women get together and play we use all of our senses and to top it off these ain't yo regular type chicks. These are I'm ganna do everything in my power to make the world a better place chicks. So we heartstormed ways to do that. We ate. We danced. We took photos. We spoke things into existence that I know will materialize in 2015. But most importantly we used our hearts as our guide for what we wanted to bring into the world.

It's a radical way of living and choosing. Using desire and your heart. It's whats going to create the new world.

My alone time was equally as needed and heartfelt. Laying in bed feeling so much love, gratitude, and joy for just being alive. The thread count even made my grateful list that day.

My challenge for the masses is to make one decision a day solely based on how it makes you feel. Before that you will need to know how you want to feel but it's a fun exercise and a manual even exists thank to Miss Danielle Laporte. Check her out.

Excited for 2015 and for walking into it open hearted and brave!

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