Dear 2015


Dear 2015,

It's amazing to be alive! Thank you for welcoming us all in your loving energy. I can feel it already! Something BIG and magical is on it's way. This year will be one of abundance, self love, magic, travel, and being of service as we who remember create the new earth. I can't help but smile when I think of all the goodness and lessons your cousin 2014 has served up. 

In 2015...

It's all about love. Who can I show more love to? How can I be loving in this moment right now?

It's all about freedom. How can my soul be MORE free to soar and express?

It's all about desire! What is pulling me?

It's all about the NOW! This moment is creating your future. (Not just your future but the collective future) How can we bring fun and magic to the art of creating consciously? 

It's all about service! What can I give more of in the world that will cause a ripple effect?

It's all about radical self love! How can I treat myself like my beloved? How can I make the most loving decision moment to moment?

It's all about the sisterhood and brotherhood of change. How can we integrate the yin and yang to be more authentically aligned? How can we help our male counterparts embody their sacred shiva?

It's all about being IN OUR BODIES. How can I feed myself the most alive food? How can I make decisions based on what my body is saying? How can I use my creative energy that resides in my yoni? How can we all get that chi moving?

Tomorrow I will be off the grid asking myself these questions, heart storming some ideas, feasting on indian food, and welcoming you. Thank you already.

Deep bow!



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