~All Is Well~

"I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future, I move into this next phase with the greatest confidence that all will be well" ~ Oprah Winfrey.

OPRAH, Super Soul Sunday on OWN. My favorite Sunday past time.  

I recently watched an episode of Super Soul Sunday where Oprah stated the above. She also ended her last episode of the Oprah show with the quote above. Applying that to my own life, it has made a huge impact. That simple statement, during a time that may not appear so clear and bright (at that moment) or where I may be confused and frustrated. I know that "all will be well". It is the faith that I have that there is only a positive outcome, at the end. Where ever and when ever the end of that moment or situation may be, I know "all will be well".

The smallest act and thought of faith, will have a huge impact and outcome. 

Recently during my visit to New York, the unthinkable happened, I had boarded the city bus at La Gaurdia airport, to take me to my destination of where I'd be staying in Harlem. Arrived to my stop, mind you....the ride was very close to being an hour long. I had the biggest knot in my throat, when I went to depart the bus and noticed, I did not have my suitcase with me. Thoughts of how, where and when ran through my head all at once. 

In the midst of getting off the bus with no bag, the busy area, confusion and worry...I knew at that time I had to get control of my thoughts, calm down and focus. I was so proud of myself, to think I could manage and control my thoughts during such a ordeal. Very quickly I had to make a decision. Either get back on the bus and head back to the airport, which I would then have to cross the street and get to the right stop or just brush my hands and accept that someone has my bag and I'm out of a week's worth of clothes and shoes. That, I wouldn't accept. I claimed that my bag was sitting on that curb at La Guardia airport, waiting on me. My mother and I quickly crossed the busy street and patiently waited for the airport bound bus. Surprisingly, during the ride to the airport I was able to clear my mind and think of Oprah. Of all things at that moment, I heard Oprah say "all will be well". I knew it and I claimed it. I said to myself, that on the other side of this moment everything was going to be a-ok. Hey, I was going to get my bag back or I was going to have a ball shopping for all new clothes and shoes in New York. I mean who wouldn't love that! Thankfully, all that was in that suitcase, was replaceable. As the bus got closer and closer to the exact area of the curb we were picked up at, I literally envisioned my bag sitting there. With the red, white and blue ribbon that is tied onto the top of zipper. I was just told that New York City was ranked one of the nicest cities in the U.S. So I had plenty of positive energy being put out during this lesson. Before the bus could even come to a complete stop, I saw it! It was like a chorus of angels singing (like in the movies), my bag was glowing and never looked more beautiful than at that moment. My mother had added a tag with her phone number on it and someone had just tried to call her phone, while we were on the bus, I guess that ranking of being the nicest city, is well deserved. I jumped off that bus with so much excitement! To think that my (not so little) suitcase was still there, on the curb at the New York City airport after well over an hour. Nothing short of a miracle and favor. I was and still am, so grateful. 

Every situation in life, is meant to teach us. For me, that moment taught me, that I need to pay attention more, especially when traveling. In addition to knowing that, I know that no matter what situation you are dealing with, it may look cloudy and maybe no clear vision in sight. Just know that in the end "all will be well", you more than likely won't see it and can't see it but KNOW IT. No matter what, "all will be well". I hope that quote is in your head now, like it is in mind. Stuck lol.