My Spiritual Toolkit

My spiritual toolkit consists of many things:

prayer, gratitude, meditation/silence practice, grounding, clean eating, co-writing, healing modalities and practices, yoga, dance, and many other things. Like any good toolbox you keep your staples where you can easily reach them so they are accessible at a moments notice.

// The tools I use the most are //

Dream/Visualization :: I have ALWAYS been a hopeless dreamer. I had a brief few days where I thought this may be a bad thing. But I quickly called bullshit and moved on into the beauty of my dreams. One of my favorite things to do is visualize something I want to create in insanely detailed writing or pep talk for myself. My sleeping dreams are also a place I receive guidance and play! So to the dreamers who know no other way... keep on keeping on!

Self Care :: This is a fairly new tool in my kit but I have realized recently it was the one that has been missing the longest. It has been a journey to love my body, my mind, my thoughts but I have fallen deeply in love with myself. That alone changes shit! Oh get ready! This is a gentle nourishing tool that we all must develop.

Gratitude :: The first words I think or say out loud every morning when I wake up are THANK YOU, thank you, thank you! I have a journal from college that has 5 things a day I was grateful for. I leave scraps of paper that say thank you around. I make it a habit to tell the people I love that I do love and appreciate them. If you are in the flow of gratitude you literally look around are are so filled with appreciation that your life becomes a series of miracles in giving you more things to be grateful for. 

Forgiveness :: Forgive swiftly! “What could you want forgiveness cannot give?  I have found forgiveness to be a moment to moment act of radical aliveness for me. I start with being gentle and forgiving with myself and then I extend that ripple out into the world. 

Quiet / Alone / Reflection Time :: Meditation and quiet time are absolute essentials in my life. My view on this tool is that it looks like many things to many people but is an absolute must! For me I relish every bit of quiet time I give myself. It sometimes feels like the tool I resist the most but when I do use it, it works OH so well. Lately I set a timer 3 times a day for 5-8 minutes and I just sit quietly with my eyes closed in a comfortable position, or I focus on a flower or natural object untouched by man, or I listen to a guided meditation. 

Self Expression/Wildness :: Can being free actually be a spiritual practice or a tool for further growth? I guess it depends on who you ask but there is nothing more enlightened to me than being who you are meant to be. This may scare some people because it immediately puts you outside of the normal scope of most peoples lives. But to me it's been the most juicy rewarding journey. This tool is not for the faint of heart! It often means walking in the opposite direction of many, ruffling a few feathers, and coming face to face with your own darkness without turning away! But it ALSO means reaching a new height and depth of love and aliveness which will positively affect every area of your life!

What is in your spiritual toolkit? Leave a comment and tell the world you never know who it can help.

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