best day of my life!

my new motto is: THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! 

That is the PG way I refer to it, but you get the point. I had an experience the other day and I know the reason I came to be in that time and space was to hear those words uttered. To hear them and know this is my truth. 

The words hit me and they slowly sunk in for the rest of the day. By the end of the day I had quietly affirmed this is indeed the best day of my life many times. If it's not why am I holding back on joy in my life?

We sometimes falsely believe that they best day of our life has to be a wedding, or the graduation, or the day we land the job, or that boyfriend, or hot chick, or when we have really good sex. All of those things are amazing but so is this moment right here. And here. And here. Why would I shun those moments and pause my joy to wait for something bigger and more shiny. What is the majority of my life made up of? Yup you got it...these tiny moment to moment days.  And guess what happens when you focus on the NOW and being grateful you get more amazing things to be thankful for in each moment. 

So what have you been putting off in waiting for that perfect day? A beautiful dress, a confession of love or admiration, a resignation letter,  a resume to the job you really want, a conversation, a kiss, a chance. This is your day and guess what IT'S THE BEST f%@&ing day ever!

Cover song fromThe VOICE.

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