Field of Sunflowers by Penny Lisowski

Field of Sunflowers by Penny Lisowski

Have you ever thought of how a particular flower makes you feel? How looking at it makes you smile....or how when you smell it, you relax...even if for a moment. The one flower that makes me smile every time I see it and that I have to touch and smell, is a Sunflower. It makes me feel so free and happy!

To see something so beautiful at our fingertips, that some rarely or never get a chance to see, touch or smell. That are only with us for a short time. I'm so grateful that they exist. Just to think that can be purchased through out the year to make others feel good and special; to put a smile on someone's face. Oh the power of the flower! 

Having fresh flowers every week in my home is actually on my Adventure List.

The next time you are in the presence of a flower, give it a minute of your time. Notice the abundance amount of beauty right before your eyes. Maybe even take a moment to smell  and take in the fresh fragrance and take notice of how relaxed it makes you feel. It's so flowerful!


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