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Calling in the One: How to Identify and Release Your Hidden Barriers to Love

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Check out the quiz below.

Do you have hidden barriers to love?

Are you feeling confused about why it's been so hard to find true love? 

After all, you're a conscious, caring person who has so much to offer. By all outward appearances, it probably looks like you should have no problem finding a great partner to share your life with.

But, if in spite of all of your efforts to create love, you're still struggling with disappointments that show up over and over again, it may be because of these “hidden barriers” are wreaking havoc in your love life. 

Answer True or False to the following:

  1. You're a bright, successful woman and yet you're convinced that men aren't interested in being with a woman who's more powerful than they are.

  2. You don't really believe you can pursue your career and/or your own true calling in life and have a fulfilling and happy relationship at the same time.

  3. You tell yourself you're too busy for love and don't have the time right now to get into a relationship, yet find yourself a little lonely on the weekends, particularly on Saturday nights.

  4. You feel really good about the amazing person you've become after having invested in your own growth and development for many years, yet now wonder if you'll ever find someone who can really be a match for you.

  5. You tell yourself you'll be ready for love when you lose 20 pounds, pay off your debts, finish your book, or . . . (fill in the blank).

  6. In spite of feeling really ready for love, you find yourself attracted to, and even getting involved with, unavailable people.

  7. You are rarely attracted to anyone and wonder why it's so hard to find someone you're interested in. 

  8. You hardly ever get asked out on a date, even when you make an effort to put yourself out there and meet new people. 

  9. You wonder if maybe your standards are too high and if you simply want too much, and might be better off expecting a lot less from love.

If you answered "False" to all of these statements, then congratulations are in order! The doors are wide open for you to receive a great love into your life very soon!

But if you answered "True" to any or all of them, it's probably because you do have hidden barriers to love that you don’t realize are there but which are getting in the way of you having the soulful and fulfilling relationship you desire.

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