dream a BIGGER dream

It's amazing the things you will find when you are doing an email purge!

I found this email sent out to a few close friends about my vision for a craft studio. I'm sure by the time I sent this email complete with a mock logo and an inspiration board it had been something I was thinking about for a while. The vision for what I wanted to create back then turned into Homespun Parties + Events and for the last 4+ years I lived into this vision for my life.

The thing I love the most about finding things like this is just further proof that we are powerful magnets and what we believe we pull to ourselves. I had this very specific vision for what I wanted to create and every single piece of that puzzle was fulfilled and exceeded...I mean everything down to the literal beams in the center of our airy brick studio. The universe is SO good!

It dares us to dream bigger for our lives everyday! 

So this is where I reside as one dream winds down and I leave an opening for the next adventure to take hold. I dare to dream...even bigger!