//eartha kitt // on love + compromise

on love + compromise... (and why you must NEVER do it)

Eartha Kitt's growly laugh in this video is as thrilling as the narrative she has to deliver! I know this video can be easily misconstrued perhaps that is what makes it so utterly beautiful and raw. When I watched the clip for the first time something about it felt so right. But it also felt naughty like I could like it but I better not tell anybody! Well I have been silent long enough! 

I believe what she meant by compromise was essentially self sacrifice.  Dr. Christiane Northrup says,  "It’s time to end self-sacrifice. In all its forms. Instead, we must start to live our lives fully, from the dictates of our souls." (A blog post totally worth read it its entirety.Click to read.)  This is what Eartha knew to be true. I sacrifice my soul and I perish. Honor my self and my soul and I experience love in a brand new way.  Isn't it beautiful to think about a relationship where you help the other person love themselves more!?

When compromise is introduced you start to give piece by piece of yourself away to someone and one day you wake up and realize something is not quite right. When you are in the fullness of who you are and you don't compromise I believe it ultimately makes you more loving, kind, willing, and eager to be in a giving space with another person. Relationships are not about compromise they are about EXPANSION for each person. 

So next time you think you must compromise your wildness, sensitivity, or any other trait to be with a person throw your head back and laugh!