You Are Responsible!

"You are responsible for the energy that you bring and you are responsible for the energy that you allow" - Oprah 


Art by Steven DeLuzn

It's a choice...about how you want to live your life. "All of the negative, dark, irresponsible energy that comes around you, blocks you from moving forward in your life. "

"Life is always about energy, it's about clearing your energy's like having mud in your wings...there are a lot of people, who have people in their lives, who bring mud into their lives. And are not creating a space for clearing for them and if you are surrounded by people who put mud in your wings, who bring bad energy...until you start to clear that will not be able to live your fullest highest expression of yourself."

"It's a process of seeing it for what it is and beginning to distance yourself...however you can from that situation. A lot of times it means divorcing yourself from the toxic relationships. And unless you are willing to do that, you don't grow forward."

"When people show you, please understand the truth of them and yourself...and do not waste your time with people who have shown you that they really are no good for you." - Dr. Maya Angelou via Oprah

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