ode to my friends : the LOVE(s) of my life

confession: i have major crushes on all of my friends. i am one lucky girl. i was recently thinking about all the wonderful unique, amazing souls who i have known in my life. a quick scroll through my phone or voicemail always makes me feel so loved. so here's to the lovely people who surround me with their love, good intentions, plus sister and brother hood. 

victoria :: my sister witch your unwavering support has opened up my heart. sometimes i feel lousy at receiving love but you make it impossible to turn away from. your are wise and genuine and you tell it like it is. i freakin' love that!

kelly :: an oldie and goodie. your drive and impeccable strategies help me to be a more organized and creative. plus i know i can call you for anything or at anytime...which is a really good feeling. we have the unique ability to laugh at the same off color humor and with us their truly is no line to cross in that arena. 

shanda :: my soul sister. you openness and friendliness inspire me daily. you are as big of a dreamer as i. your drive, passion, inner and outer beauty are astonishing. plus you have the biggest heart and are so open and non judgmental.

cindy :: my fellow scorpio adventure seeker. i love your openness! uber friendliness. your genuine interest in people and their stories. it's a joy to watch you unfold.

aj :: we laugh. we cry. we grow. we continue to support one another in everything. i appreciate our vast differences and the things that make us twinkies. 

maite :: my soul family. i feel instantly at home and at peace with you. our souls sing the same music and that's how we found each other.

cassandra :: how do you know the exact right time to reach out and say something amazing? how did i get so lucky to have all these powerful woman in my life. 

jenn :: i am so lucky to have a friend who has the best one liners. kind heart. amazing story and openness to all that life has to offer. 

malcolm :: you have the gift of making everyone feel love, welcomed, and supported. plus you say the funniest stuff. how is that we have just known each other for a few short months? you are my family.

valerie :: you are a many miles away but we are ever united by our energetic meetings and our views on this glorious universe! keep shining!

zeen :: sometimes you don't have to know a person story to feel connected to their essense. you are such a brave and beautiful person and you inspire me.

zachary ::  anyone that deals with this much passion on a regular basis deserves some kind of award. you patience, kindness, and all around goodness inspire me daily. 

to the friends who may not be mentioned here. know that you reside deeply in my heart and you are part of what shaped me. i honor every person who i have had divine appointments and friendships with. even the hard ones. 

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