jobs, career, passion and what not's {a monday morning conversation}

For last four + years of my life I have worked on Homespun Parties + Events. Our annual wedding show, weddings, birthday parties, showers, crafting workshops, and the in's and out's of co-owning and running a business and studio.

As the time winds down to our last wedding on September 13th I have been thinking a lot about what's next for me career wise. What can I see my self pouring my heart and soul into? What do I love? What is my gift to the world? What is my contribution to making things better? This has been my inner dialogue. 

I came up with a list of things I love. 

  1. Traveling (adventure travel co, retreats, etc)
  2. Manifesting
  3. Creativity (writing a book, design, photography)
  4. Helping people to uncover who they are as Spiritual beings
  5. Movement + Music (yoga, dance etc..picking music for movies, soundtracks, etc)
  6. Herbs + Natural Ways of Healing the Body

My little list makes me smile and it also helped me to realize I want to work for a GIRL BOSS! I want to work for a woman making big moves, being mindful and kind, and funny!  I also made a list and on the top of that list was this awesome woman!

I have a big GIRL CRUSH on Chelsea! 

So I made a website with 100 reasons I think Chelsea should hire me. I need your help in getting her attention via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can easily grab (left click save image as) and share it via social media. What better way to live your dreams then to work for someone who has mastered the art of living theirs? 

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