"I may be just a foolish dreamer but I don't care...I know that my happiness is waiting...some where. I'm searching for that silver lining, horizons that I've never seen. Oh I'd like to take a moment and dream my dream."

When I feel like literally flying away...getting away and flying off to a place of pure happiness, joy and love...I day dream...I have a vision of myself on a beautiful island, sun shining with the perfect breeze...on the perfect size cliff...arms spread wide...seeing the beautiful waters below me...smiling, with the sun beaming down on my face, feeling nothing but happiness in my heart...with the clearest mind I've ever had. And all I hear is Lionel Richie saying "oh I'd like to fly away (Zoom zoom zoom zoom...in the background)". I see my myself leaping...but I never dive or fall into the waters....I just soar in the beautiful sky...

One of my all time favorite songs. Please give it a listen if you've never heard it before. The story behind the song is such a beautiful story...it makes the song that much more special.  You can check it out here -> http://www.soultracks.com/story-behind-song-commodores-zoom

What helps take your mind to a happy place, of warm and beautiful thoughts?