Encouraging Lyrics

"Nothing is impossible...If you can just believe...Don't live your life in shackles...When faith can be the key...The winner's one who keeps determination in his eyes...Who's not afraid to fly and not afraid to try"

Just heard Dolly Parton sing this on tv and I fell in love. 

I wish it was titled "Do" lol because I do believe the word "try" can be a crutch. Its a word that has been banned from my vocabulary. I do believe it had been a crutch in my life. The lyrics of this song are very positive and encouraging which is why I wanted to share. 

This is a song I'd still play for myself when I think I can't or start to doubt myself. This is a song I'll play for a child or a teen to teach them the importance of going after everything they dream of. This is a song I'll send to someone to encourage them.  

What's one of your motivational songs that helps push and encourage you?


Shanda FergusonComment