Golden Rule

Come back, come back to the golden rule! I love this song by Charles Bradley and with his growly voice you can't help but believe every word. His story is such an inspiring one and it put the golden rule back into my everyday vocabulary. An old school principal that still stands the test of time! Most people think okay I got this, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But do we apply that same principal first to ourselves? If we don't we cannot even begin to extend this golden principal into the world. For really we do unto others as we do unto ourselves. How kind are we with our shadow side or darker feelings? Do we honor them or try to dismiss them immediately. Are we afraid of our ego's? Even those parts of ourselves react well to the golden rule. Would you want to be ignored or told to go away because you are unacceptable. From my experience when I ask what this pain (physical, emotional, or mental) is here to tell me it usually subsides or the feelings pass really quickly and sometimes I even have GIANT AHA moments. But when I resist or stuff it all kinds of SHIT happens. The more love and acceptance I have given the difficulty parts of myself the more I can practice this golden rule with others. So go my beautiful friends and honor all parts of yourself and always remember THE GOLDEN RULE! That ish works!

Ayesha Comment