Numbers! Numbers...Everywhere!

I always equated numbers with math which I was absolutely lousy at. I truly marveled at people who could think numerically. It still fascinates me to no end. Especially with my new understanding and respect for numbers. Learning about the Fibonacci sequence (aka the golden number, the golden mean, the God #) and how it appears in everything from nature to music astounded me. Right about the the same time I started seeing number sequences like crazy 11:11, 555, and other repeating patterns multiple times daily sometimes hourly. Was something trying to get my attention? I would say so. I have a whole new spiritual respect for numbers and how when we break down energy it's basically a number. 

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Ayesha, your Personal Year Number for 2014 is 9

Color: White, all Pastels 

Jewel: Opal, Gold 

Keyword: Completion

Ayesha, according to your chart, it’s a time for completion and fulfillment

The garden is finished for the cycle yet some of the crops continue to produce. This is the year of spring-cleaning. Get into the corners. Review everything and toss out all that is no longer useful in your life including people, places, ideas and things. If it’s finished, let it go. Don’t hang on. Many things will pass out of your life this year. Bless them and release them. You are making room for the new next year. 

There is much happiness around for you. This is a year for endings. Do not begin new things. Don’t look for new personal love affairs now. They won’t last. Enjoy the artistic part of life. Take a long trip and learn about others. Give away. Give to others and be tolerant, compassionate, and forgiving. Love must be shared with all. 

Really understand the kinship of everyone on this planet. The old cycle closes. Make ready for the new one next year.

Ayesha, your chart shows that this month September is a 9 Personal Month in a 9 Personal Year, which is different from a 9 Personal Month in any other Personal Year.

This month is a time for completing things. This can mean activities, projects or relationships. Often ventures are really at an end but we find ourselves hanging on to them when they do need to be concluded in a very constructive way. This month you have the energy and ability to accomplish this. Ending anything can be emotional and wrought with strong feelings but you can handle this during this time period. You need to be ready to help others this month and even work in a philanthropic or humanistic way. All this needs to be done without any thought for any kind of reward for yourself. The keywords here are to be kind, generous and compassionate toward others. Your artistic talents are at a high during this time so use your intuition, imagination and let yourself be inspired. The "spirit" of the Nine Month is unselfish love toward your fellow man. Surrounding yourself with any pastel color or wearing opal jewelry will give you extra energy this month.

Specifically, this month marks the end of the completion period of your cycle. All of those loose ends need to be taken care of and wrapped up wisely. This may evoke some strong emotions on your part so be prepared. It is all good.

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