How to be Ideal. A response blog!

I recently came across the perfect blog post in my opinion. It made me laugh out loud! Said things we are all thinking and laid down some pretty nice ideals. 

First you must check out her blog! She is my new girl crush. Here are a sampling of her ideals (click to read them all AND stay tuned for my response at the end.

"When taking the dog for a walk, don’t take your phone with you- just go for a walk.

Use really fancy face cream. I like rose face oil myself. Put it on every single night. Especially when you feel like shit.

Suck a dick, eat a pussy or touch yourself monthly. Crude. I know. But still true.

Change your sheets at least every 2 weeks.

Go away by yourself once a year for a minimum of 4 days. No buts. I prefer 10 days.

Watch Louie. All of them.

If you have a mother, every time you see her, touch her.

If you can’t seem to find the time to trim your muff- don’t fucking bother (same goes for armpits and legs).

Whenever there is a chance to take a nap. Take the fucking nap.

Pee when you feel the urge.

Throw away your underwear with holes in it. Like right fucking now.

Keep snacks in your bag so you don’t get hangry.

If someone’s a dick to you in public say “don’t be a dick like that” and walk away.1

Before you go to sleep every night, put your hand over your heart and breathe.

That’s about it. Really.

MY IDEALS also known as my response! (warning: language)

Love hard. Really fucking hard! You heart may be broken but you will always be true to YOU! You will also learn new boundaries and all that good stuff which doesn't suck and probably creates better relationships in the future.

Women (and dudes too) love your bodies. Love every inch. Love it at every stage.

Feed your body like you would treat a new born baby. With muther fucking care! It's the vessel for your boundless soul. You only get one per lifetime.

Let go of something daily. You shit daily...3-4 times ideally. Why not let go of something daily. Make room for something new. If you bring something new in...something old has got to go. But don't be a jerk....recycle it somehow.

Relationships are always a mirror. Every single one. Don't like what you see? Don't blame the mirror or the other person. Work on self and relationships will improve or disappear.

For 24 hours every week hide your phone, turn off your computer and go be outside. Barefoot. Naked if you want to take it to a whole new level.

Contrary to popular belief sunshine is your friend. Get some! Without sunscreen.

Happiness is not a destination, or raise, or significant other. It lives inside you...take a peek.

Orgasms are a basic human right! I'm talking gourmet sex. Not just the fast food kind.

We weren't born to just go to school, make a living, get hitched, raise a family and then die. Our souls have a purpose and it's up to us to uncover it.

Fear is actually not the enemy. Nor the ego. Nor your asshole boyfriend. They are actually here to assist you on your journey. So high five them and keep it movin.

Tell someone you have secretly admired that you do. Who knows you could be crushin' on one another.

Every night forgive everyone for everything...including your personal blunders. 

For my ladies: Look at your vagina. Really look at it. She loves it when you notice her. Your boobies feel the same way. (Dudes we like it when you look and love toooo!)

Remember we are all just doing the best we can with what we have. At every moment. Sometimes hard to swallow but it doesn't make it not true.

That's it for now...for me too! 

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