Making our UNHAPPY stories true

A very wise woman once told me most of the world operates from old beliefs and they even go so far as to make their unhappy stories true. She calls it the victim triangle. Her name is Lynne Forrest. My advice: get to know her work.



Have you ever pushed away a friendship or relationship by making your beliefs true about a person or situation? Maybe you withdrew or didn't act kindly and when they finally got sick of hitting their head against a wall and then retreated you could finally say SEE I knew he or she would leave. A deep seated belief or role as a victim could be the real decision maker in your life.

By the time we reach 7 years of age many of our core beliefs about life are set. All that in a time where we are being molded to "fit" into society by well meaning parents or guardians. No blame game here just relaying information that is vital so we can make better healthier decisions.  

How can we all begin to see the roles we may be unconsciously acting out? What do you lead with...victim, rescuer, or persecutor? We all land somewhere. Want to find out more. 

Check out this article. 

Ayesha Comment